Acting in Shanghai

[ Author: Kenny Basumatary ] A brief intro to start with: I played ASP Dileep Chaliha in Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai. I’m the cop at the inquiry commission hearing who wipes his face with a hanky on being questioned by Abhay Deol’s character. I’ve also written a novel, Chocolate_Guitar_Momos, which has been well received and has so far sold 4500+ copies.… Read more →

The Assamese security guards in Mumbai

[ Author: Pranab Jyoti Bhuyan ] It is perhaps beyond doubt that a majority of the Assamese residents of Mumbai is either from oil or music background, who have been earning name and fame in their respective fields through their dedication and hard work. However, a large number of Assamese youths are also working as security guards in various industries… Read more →

শিৱসাগৰৰপৰা মুম্বাইলৈ

[ লেখিকা: ডলি শ্যাম ৱাইলুং ] একবিংশ শতাব্দী আৰম্ভ হ’বলৈ কেইটামান দিন আৰু বাকী আছিল ৷ ঘড়ীৰ টিক্ টিক্ শব্দবোৰে ছেকেণ্ডৰ পিছত মিনিট, ঘণ্টা, দিন পাৰ হ’বলৈ যেন আৰু বেছি সময় নল’লে ৷ হঠাৎ আহিছিল ২০০০ চনৰ ২৫ ডিচেম্বৰৰ দিনটো ৷ বৰদিন ৷  বিশ্বৰ চাৰিওফালে উলহ-মালহেৰে বৰদিন পালন কৰাৰ লগতে অসমতো চলিছে উছৱ উদযাপনৰ ধুম-ধাম ৷ পুৱাৰ বেলিটো যেন উদয়… Read more →