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The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra has been the pioneer of Social Work education in India that was founded in the year 1936. This was marked by the celebration of it’s Platinum Jubilee in the month of December, 2011. The Institute is known not only for Social Work education but also for many other diverse disciplines that have emerged as a response to the need of the society and the fast-globalizing world. The institute consists of the following disciplines:

–         School of Education

–         School of Management and Labor Studies (HR)

–         School of Rural Development

–         School of Social Work

–         School of Health Systems Studies

–         School of Habitat Studies

–         School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance

–         School of Vocational Education

–         School of Development Studies

–         School of Media and Cultural Studies

–         School Of Social Entrepreneurship

Every year over lakhs of individuals from various strata of the society from within the country as well as abroad that include students of diverse backgrounds, people working in different professional settings, young and old, take the entrance examination which is a very rigorous process. However, only a few receive the privilege to make through and become a part of this esteemed Institute which is highly recognized not only in India but all around the world.

Campus Life: Our life on campus* is all about fun and merriment backed by sharp learning experienced through various platforms and processes. Nevertheless, all the enjoyment comes out through our zeal to study and interact with people from every nook and corner of the country as well as from every continent. There are students from every state and culture, and that is what makes life on campus fun in a discursive manner. Most days are devoid of boredom and no work at hand. The nature of life on campus is interactive – meeting varied interesting people with different backgrounds which makes students equipped to become more advanced in terms of social roles.

*TISS Mumbai has two campuses: Main Campus on Sion-Trombay road and Naoroji Tata Campus/new campus on Deonar-Farm Road

Provisions and Facilities for Students from Northeastern States of India:As a large number of students from NE India are in the category of Schedule Tribes, we enjoy a lot of facilities and subsidies in the form of government scholarships. Medical Insurance too is provided at a very subsidized rate affordable by all; besides, free hostels and standardized Gymnasium facilities within the campus are nicely made available for the students with no charges. Students from reserved categories (in this context: Scheduled Tribes) are waivered from all kind of admission, food, lodging and fieldwork/internship fees which sincerely aid in raising our shoulders from the economic burden we otherwise carry every day. Several students have also participated in the Student Exchange Programmes to abroad countries/ universities as well including the United States of America, various countries of Europe as well the United Kingdom, to mention a few.

MOSAIC – The Academic and Cultural Festival Northeast India: With the ever-motivating and concrete support from the Director of TISS, Prof. S. Parasuraman and the cooperation of the Institute Authority, the North-East culture has been honored at the highest level within TISS. (With the background that all other individual state-level festivals have been debarred except MOSAIC) MOSAIC is weaved around a particular theme every year that is pertinent to the region around which both the academic panel discussions and the cultural events are organized. The celebration of MOSAIC has grown in terms of it’s reach and broadened perspective with every passing year which completed it’s 10th. anniversary in the year 2011 (MOSAIC 2010-2011). This is a sheer consequence of the institute’s continued support and understanding towards the students from North-Eastern states of India. The basic idea behind the celebration is to be mutually inclusive through the inclusion of all the students from the rest parts of the country. The participants have always been highly appreciative of the endeavour and expressed great pleasure to participate in the culturally diverse and colourful celebration. On the particular day, to add to the taste of the region, special, ethnic cuisine that is supervised by the students themselves is served at the dining hall. This one-day celebration acts as the single-window through which the rest of the country and the world within TISS are able to catch a glimpse of our beloved motherlands. MOSAIC is held usually in the end of each year. It has become a prominent celebration that is the most-awaited and populously attended festival of TISS by all students, staff and faculty members.

We welcome you to join and become a part of MOSAIC and TISS Family to foster our way of thinking and learning.

Coordinators MOSAIC 2012-13
Ransom Lungleng, Reuben Tuboi, Kaylie Kim Tusing, Among Melin Jamir


Contact Details:

Ransom Lungleng
+91 9819748067

Reuben Tuboi
+91 8454884255

Kaylie Kim Tusing
+91 9004541962

Imlimongla Jamir
+91 9930152642

*To know details about the institute and it’s various courses, readers can visit the official website of TISS at

You can find us in Facebook at

C/O: Anupama Basumatary
Tarajan path
Near hanuman mandir
Phone no.: 09859926175

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