It’s said idleness is a devil’s workshop. That’s what I was doing on a Sunday

afternoon. Idling away, drowning down in depths of boredom. I decided to do one

activity that says ‘I’m doing something but I am exactly doing nothing.’ I took my

phone, shoved the earphones in my ears, hit the play button, and sat on my bed

staring at the trees outside the window. It was going to be sunset in sometime. The

sky was washed in colours of the dusk


Some kind of inspiration hit me. Rather than being cooped up inside, I thought

about going up to the terrace, take in some fresh air & admire the sky in its

entirety. Up I went with music still blaring in my ears. I went over to my favourite

spot, atop the water tank. I guess whoever stays in apartment buildings will say

that’s their favourite place.

As I sat musing, a firework burst somewhere down below. Disturbed by the sudden

noise, a flock of pigeons flew out of a tree. As if on cue, they swooped down in a

glorious spiral motion finding a new place to settle in. The sun, a brilliant globe of

orange, was setting down behind the high-rises. The sky was drenched in bright

orange, red and pinkish hues. A few stray dark monsoon clouds hovered in the sky.

A jet flew over leaving a trail of white clouds behind it. At a distance a train pulled

out from the terminus, releasing thick black smoke.

There were sounds of cymbals, drum beating in quick frenzied rhythms and

firecrackers bursting. Today being the fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi,most people

were performing the visarjan.As I looked around from atop at the clusters of sky-

scrapers, the sparse trees between them-I drank in the sounds, the  colours and hues

of sky, the sights of pigeons flying in circles around me and the rush of wind on

my face.

That’s when realization dawned on me. This is what I had missed this past year.

When I went away to be tucked in still and quite Mysore, away from the noisy

hustle-bustle called Mumbai. This concrete jungle, the sight of pigeons that peeved

me to no end, these noises, these sounds; my heart was aching for all these. I used

to whine every moment about missing home. Still home didn’t feel like home, until

today. The sun had set. The fire-works came alive in the sky, like a perfect ending

to a fairytale movie. The dark clouds reflected deep red from the street-lights lit all

over the city. And I lost my heart, again, to the chaos.





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